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We graduated Techstars 2019.

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We were awarded the Y Combinator SUS grant.

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Check out our latest interview with The Hill.

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We were named Top 25 in Sir Richard Branson's Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) 2019.

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We won the DevProject Award at DeveloperWeek NYC.

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We were named on the 2019 Most Fundable Companies List by Pepperdine University.

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January 31 2019

echoAR awarded Y Combinator SUS grant

echoAR has been selected to receive an equity-free grant from Y Combinator.


echoAR was chosen out of thousands of applicants to receive the grant through its participation in Y Combinator Startup School, YC's 10-week online course for startups.

The award letter reads: "There was a lot of competition for the grants and you should consider it a great show of confidence that your company was chosen."

"Our hope is that this money will help you run your company and make it a great success. Certainly, with the knowledge you’ve gained at Startup School you are on the right track! We at YC wish you all the best and hope to see you back applying for a future YC batch."


January 26 2019

Current solutions aren't enough for AR 

Vishy Nirakari from Deutsche Telekom wrote an interesting article on VentureBeat detailing how today's Internet infrastructure isn’t ready for AR.


"One thing is certain: In order to deliver (AR), we will need to dramatically rethink how the internet is built." He adds, "Over the years, the internet has shifted from being mostly text to mostly image to mostly video. All of those pieces of media could be created and shared anywhere on the planet."

echoAR is working on the next piece of media: 3D content.

We are making sure it too will be able to be shared anywhere on the planet.

He asks, "who will build the infrastructure to support AR?"

We have the answer. It will be echoAR.

January 25 2019

echoAR featured @ BoldTV

We spoke with BoldTV about echoAR, use cases of augmented reality, AR vs. VR, and our entrepreneurial journey.

Our CEO was a guest on the Bold Business segment titled "Entrepreneur of the Week". He discussed how AR is transforming the world and what echoAR is doing to lead this new era of digital innovation.

Watch the full interview here:


January 7 2019

echoAR featured @ The Hill

Checkout our CEO sitting down with The Hill to discuss echoAR and the future of AR & 5G as part of Boundless, a new series focused on technological advancements.

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