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We graduated Techstars 2019.

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We were awarded the Y Combinator SUS grant.

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Check out our latest interview with The Hill.

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We were named Top 25 in Sir Richard Branson's Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) 2019.

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We won the DevProject Award at DeveloperWeek NYC.

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We were named on the 2019 Most Fundable Companies List by Pepperdine University.

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September 27 2019

Demo at CUIT Emerging Tech Consortium

echoAR was invited to demo at the Emerging Technologies Consortium of Columbia University event with collaboration with HP. 

Emerging Technologies Consortium (ETC) is a group of industry leaders and academics who are passionate about sharing information and fostering collaboration in the space of emerging technologies, VR, AR, AI, ML, robotics, quantum computing, 3D printing, wearables, and more.

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September 26 2019

echoAR at NYCML'19

echoAR was invited to demo and run a workshop at NYCML’19, NYC Media Lab's annual summit, which stands as a snapshot of the best thinking, projects and talent from across NYC's tech ecosystem.


We were welcomed by a wonderful turnout of AR developers, professionals, and enthusiasts looking to build cloud-connected AR apps in 15 minutes or less.

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September 22 2019

Powered by echoAR

Draw Within Water powered by echoAR opened at the HoloCenter on Governors Island NYC. Participants can take control of the underwater world, create in VR, view in AR, and take their ARt home. Come visit Governors Island to experience mind-blowing XR creations!


The HoloCenter and Draw Within Water are free to visit every weekend 11am -5pm until October 27 in conjunction with the exhibition Holographic Embodiment.

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September 16 2019

AR/VR Founders Panels at RLab

echoAR was invited to speak with founders of AR/VR startups and share insights on entrepreneurship, accelerator programs, and startup life. 

The RLab Accelerator supported by Super Ventures and The RLab Bootcamp are programs for early-stage startups and teams from NYC universities looking for access to NYC’s AR/VR ecosystem.

Learn more about RLab Venture Programs here:


September 12 2019

30 People to Watch in AR for 2019

Big congratulations to Justin Hendrix, Executive Director of RLab and long-time supporter of echoAR, for being named in Next Reality's "30 People to Watch in Augmented Reality for 2019".

echoAR is mentioned as a member of RLab's XR Residency Program. Thank you for the shout out Justin!

See Next Reality's list here:

September 9 2019

echoAR at VR Tech Summit

echoAR spoke at the VR Tech Summit in NYC, an immersive tech event featuring AR/VR tech investors, entrepreneurs and influencers coming together to address the world’s challenges via AR/VR technology.

We discussed top AR/VR trends in the USA and China, user adoption, developer tools, and applications of AR/VR.

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September 8 2019

echoAR at IAC EDGE

echoAR is honored to be a part of the IAC EDGE Summit in NYC to discuss the future of tech with a wonderful crowd of young professionals.

We talked about the current and future state of AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Augmented Reality (AR).

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