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echoAR Featured on .XYZ

echoAR was featured on .XYZ’s blog, the next generation domain for the XYZ generation. As part of #WebsiteWednesday, echoAR was highlighted as one of the top websites using the .xyz domain.

As an industry-pushing innovator, echoAR.xyz wanted a domain name that matched their company ideals. Alon Grinshpoon (CEO) says they knew they found just that with their .xyz domain. “Since we are dealing with cutting-edge emerging technology such as AR/VR, we believed it would be fitting to choose a cutting-edge domain to reflect that — XYZ is literally on the edge of the English alphabet. And speaking of alphabet, Alphabet Inc. chose abc.xyz as their domain, so it can’t be a bad choice.”

Read the full article here: https://gen.xyz/blog/echoarxyz


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