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echoAR leads Columbia University Emerging Technologies Webinar

Updated: Jun 24

Calling all CS students and alums from Columbia University!

echoAR is proud to lead the Tuesday Topics session title "Emerging Technologies: How AR/VR Can Change the World".

As a SEAS '18 alum, Alon Grinshpoon (CEO @ echoAR) returns to his alma mater to chat about AR/VR, echoAR, and the amazing technological advancements in recent years.

We shared live demos of AR experiences, discussed the history of AR/VR going back to 1838, reviewed new hardware advancements in headset optics, and discussed adjustment technologies such as haptic gloves and suite, ultrasonic haptic technology, omnidirectional tracks, and more.


69 Charlton St.

New York, NY 10014

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